Five ways non-profit leaders can create digitally savvy leadership teams

woodland trust

Image Source: Woodland Trust Digital content, channels and technology is transforming most aspects of our lives. From book buying to banking, digital is now intrinsic to even the most routine daily tasks. Yet according to Nesta’s Geoff Mulgan the non-profit sector is playing no part in the digital revolution. Research from the latest Charity Skills Report […]

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Is your organisation missing out by not using design sprints?

Design Sprint Academy

Image Source: Design Sprints – A Tool for Transformation Panel, Google, 12 April 2019 The need for organisations to become agile is not over-exaggerated. The driver is digital technology. Since the inception of the Internet in the 1980’s, it is developing rapidly, bringing with it profound change and disruption. At a minimum, you need to […]

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