Sprint to Agile

Image Source The need for organisations to become agile is not over-exaggerated. The driver is digital technology. Since the inception of the Internet in the 1980’s, it is developing rapidly, bringing with it profound implications for business. At a minimum, you need to keep up with it and how it is being applied in your […]

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Ignore digital disruption at your peril

  The pace of change is relentless. The pressure on organisations is more than ever before. Companies have to keep up with the acceleration in workplace technologies, employee demands, and customer expectations. How do we meet these needs? Digital transformation is key. Let’s look at three converging factors creating this pressure. First, internet enabled business […]

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Evolution or revolution – surviving digital disruption

Digital has been disrupting advertising for some time – sparking rumours that advertising as we know it is dead. Yet in spite of these claims, it persists stronger than ever. Crucially, what is changing though is the share of the overall advertising spend assigned to digital; it is increasing. In 2015, digital is set to […]

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