Ann Longley
Digital Transformation Consultant / Founder, Something New Together

Ann Longley is a digital transformation and communications expert whose career in digital spans 20 years. She has broad and deep experience working across sectors and continents modernising businesses, enriching public services, and helping save lives through the strategic and creative application of digital technology, big data and social media.

She has the rare ability to combine thought leadership with delivery bringing entrepreneurial flair to operations. She thrives in the area of new product development and service design, the focus of her collaborative enterprise, Something New Together. Her key achievements include introducing new digital services, tools, and ways of working with the DEC, Hays, and MEC. Whilst with MEC she identified new business opportunities in relation to social media introducing services in the area of social listening, community management and content creation. She helped evolve the global marketing approach at Hays, the world’s biggest recruitment company, transforming them into a digital publisher, community builder, and one of the most engaged companies on LinkedIn. With the DEC she is helping plan, incubate and co-create pioneering approaches to delivering aid to disaster affected communities.

All these feats have involved a strong internal organisational focus leading to related expertise in employee engagement, digital workplaces, and knowledge networking in complex transnational corporations. Ann is an RSA fellow, a conference speaker, and visiting lecturer at Greenwich University. She has developed an approach to agile communications to be published in Q1 2018 as part of an academic book by Routledge.

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